Nico’s Story

I got put in a group home at the age of six. I was going home every month and moving from Louisana to Ventura County. When I was six there was a fire in my home and then next thing I know I was in a group home because of the fire. I did not get to see my mom until I was 13 years old. Every day I had to think about who is my mom, why did she leave my with there people and why was I not able to see her until I was 13 years old. They told my mom and me the reason I could not see her and she could not see me was because she was not doing anything to get another house. She got a new house a year later, a great job and was fighting with the court to get me back. At the end I was able to see her but not live with her. Once and awhile I was able to go home for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and my mom told me they would not let me come home for every until I was 18 years old.


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